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Beyond the Cherokee Trail

180 years may not be long enough to heal the wounds
of the past…

When Linden Birchfield arrives in the Snowbird Cherokee community to organize the 180th commemoration of the Trail of Tears, she runs head on—literally—into arrogant, former army sniper Walker Crowe. A descendant of the Cherokee who evaded deportation by hiding in the rugged Snowbird Mountains, Walker believes no good can result from stirring up the animosity between his people and the white Appalachian residents whose ancestors looted the tribal lands so long ago.

Though at odds over the commemoration, Linden and Walker must unite against an unseen threat to derail the festival. Together they face an adversary whose implacable hatred can be traced to the events of the Trail, a dark chapter in America’s westward expansion. Walker must thwart the enemy who threatens the modern-day inhabitants of tiny Cartridge Cove—and targets the woman who has captured his heart.

"Carter (Vines of Entanglement) pays tribute to a tragic event in American history with this compelling contemporary story about the power of forgiveness, prayer, and faith in God. A solid choice for fans of Lori Benton’s Burning Sky and other inspirational cross-cultural romances." — Library Journal

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Published by:
Abingdon Press

ISBN-13: 978-1501800580

Set amidst the sky-brushing beauty of the Snowbird Mountains, one of the last true American wilderness regions, Romantic Times gives Beyond the Cherokee Trail 4.5 stars—

Carter does a phenomenal job in bringing the Trail of Tears to life through the journal of Sarah Jane Hopkins, a nurse who walked the trail alongside the Cherokee. The juxtaposition of Sarah Jane’s story alongside that of Linden Birchfield, who moved to Cartridge Cove 180 years later, keeps the story fresh and engrosses readers throughout the novel. Walker and Linden’s struggles—with each other and with reconciling their own pasts—helps create realistic characters who readers love.”

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