10 Habits for Highly Effective Christian Writers

  1. Be a person God can use to glorify His name.
    • Be humble
    • Be teachable
    • Be in the Word and get to know Him
    • Be about prayer
    • Be surrendered to His will in His time and in His way
  2. Glue your butt in the writing chair and write at least a 1000 words every day.
  3. Read and study the master writers in your genre in both the ABA and
    CBA markets.
  4. Join ACFW and other professional writing organizations to dialogue with other
    published and unpublished writers.
  5. Meet regularly with a local circle of likeminded writer friends for encouragement.
  6. Attend the best writer conferences your budget allows—at least one conference
    a year.
  7. Find a compatible critique partner and learn to edit yourself brutally.
  8. Develop a Teflon-coated skin when the rejections start to pile up.
  9. Related to #8, persist, mature and endure.
  10. It’s worth repeating again— Be a person God can use to glorify His name and
    that others will enjoy working with.

To summarize:
Attitude. Self-discipline. Put your money and time where your mouth is and work hard at your craft.  Have a servant’s heart. It’s not all about you. Writing is a collaborative partnership—you, God and others.

Become that vessel of honor that God can use to pour out His vision and His heart for a world that needs to hear the good news about Him desperately.

Be wiling to give back to God your dreams and expectations. Make your one desire Him—not publication, bestseller lists, etc. Try not to tell God what to do, how to do it and when. Remember—there is a God and you are not Him. As Amy Carmichael, missionary to India, once said, “He is to be preeminent in all things.”

Is He in your life? Who sits on the throne in your life? Who calls the shots? Or has the dream taken precedence over the ultimate Dreamweaver of your life?

After making a lifestyle of the 10 habits of highly effective Christian writers listed above, lay those dreams within the palm of His Hand.

There is no safer place for them to be.

Lisa Carter Author - For Writers